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Red Right Hand: SITREP 3Q 2014
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.


SITREP 3Q 2014

Being a assessment of projects involving me that are currently ongoing, about to go on or already gone. 
  • Tenspotting -  This short rom com (co-written with Emily Blake) set at a Doctor Who convention is funded and will go before the cameras soon. It will star Chloe Dykstra (right), Tiffany Smith and Kit Williamson.
  • [TITLE REDACTED] - a half-hour pilot about [REDACTED] is on hold for talent availability.
  • #Tradecraft - This webseries about spies, conspiracies, and other secrets has shot two episodes which will be used as a proof-of-concept in attempting to secure financing.
  • Personal goal of writing one pilot per quarter is ahead of schedule. Three down. 
  • Mastermind - The staging of my one-act by Piers Beckley at the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention in London was, by all reports, well-received indeed.  Where shall this mysterious malefactor strike next? If interested in staging a production of Mastermind, contact me at the address in the sidebar.

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