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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



“Sullivan delivers old-fashioned, pulpy adventure with an iconic hero who’s all action and no name.” – Eric Heisserer, screenwriter of Arrival, Lights Out, and Hours.
WORLD WAR II: The United States is geared up for the war in Europe, unaware that a secret plan designed and overseen by Germany’s top covert agent will soon launch death and destruction across the entire country. When the plan’s mastermind awakens in a stateside motel room, he finds himself mysteriously robbed of his memories… and his allegiance to the Führer.

Racing against the clock, the spy who now calls himself  The Auslander must piece together his own vast conspiracy, and fight the entire German spy network that he created – who are bent on killing him at all costs. This Pulp 2.0 collection of The Auslander’s adventures features two-fisted World War II thrillers in the pulse-pounding tradition of Ken Follett and Alistair MacLean.

The Auslander Files  collects all the Auslander stories from Astonishing Adventures Magazine and an additional one, exclusive to this edition, all written in a slam-bang 40s pulp style.  Now available on
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