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Red Right Hand: WORKFLOW
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



This week's topic by Jonathan Hardesty "WORKFLOW – Everybody has one, and none are the same. Inspired by a post from John August, explain where and when you write, what hardware you use, what software you use, and what you would change about how you write.

Where I Write: Show, don't tell.

Hardware: MacBook Pro, iPad, Sonic Screwdriver, Dr. Pepper Cherry

Software: Final Draft, Word, Final Draft Writer, Notes, Dropbox, Highland sometimes.  

Hardware/Software: Brain. Writing isn't sitting at the keyboard for me, it's everything in my head before I get there. Yeah, I find things I wasn't planning on when I'm typing, but for the most part I'm writing almost all the time. If I'm not paying attention to you when you're talking, it's because I'm breaking story in the back of my head. Getting ahead before I sit down means I don't lose a lot of time when I get distracted by TV. Yes, I write TV while I watch TV. 

What Would I Change About How I Write: Get paid for it more frequently so I can do it more.

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