Red Right Hand: STORYBOARD
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



  • Alex paces around, careful not to step on the bloodstain. Cell phone in her hand, practicing answering.
  • ALEX
  • Be-be-beep. Go for The Raven.
  • (pause, breathes)
  • Doot. Raven here.
  • (again)
  • Doo-doot. Raven. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
  • (and again)
  • Boop. Thank you for calling The Raven. Please listen carefully as my menu options have changed. Press one for political assassinations, press two for disappearances, press three for car bom--
  • (start over)
  • The Raven. I give new meaning to the phrase “I’d hit that.”
  • (grimaces)
  • Bzzz--
  • Door CREAKS open. Baxter leans in.
  • ALEX
  • Knock much?
  • PHONE RINGS. Alex bulges her eyes at it.

©2020 Michael Patrick Sullivan