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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



If you want a comprehensive review, there are other places to get them. For my money, it was just fuckin' good. Sorkin on all cylinders. Fincher, as usual does his thing+1 and -- I'm not even going to be objective about Reznor's score. T'was awesome.

These are just some observations.

That first seen between Zuckerberg and the girl who set him off was very Sorkinesque being high speed and figure-it-out-your-damn-self, which I love. More screenwriters need to actually aim just a wee bit over their audiences heads instead of giveing them soft lobs. It was not this, however, that sealed it as Sorkin.

The Sorkin cameo made me smile and cringe a little at the same time. At least he didn't "uh" between every word as he does when he speaks publicly. Not that I should complain. When people tell me I should have no trouble being witty in person I have to remind them that I write because it gives me plenty of time to be witty beforehand.

Finally, I see somebody use tilt-shift photography and it doesn't feel like it's just a gimmick. Something that looks cool. This time, it thematically fit. Making the rowers looking like miniatures or toys comments on the absolute lack of importance, relevance and general pretentiousness of the world the Winklevi inhabit.

And Reznor and Ross managed to do something with "In The Hall of The Mountain King" that also comments on the scene as ridiculous in the same way as the tilt-shift without being outright comicical.

Winklevi. -snort-

"..and there's two of me."

While I might not be even remotely a fan of the real-life Zukcerberg, the fictionalized Zuckerberg is one of the best fuck-you characters I've seen since President Bartlet or Tyler Durden. Coincidence? The "Do I have your full attention?" scene being utterly perfect.

And did you catch the Tyler Durden reference?

When Parker and arguably Zuckerberg get all Machiavellian - or just plain assholish - and devalue only Peter Parker's Saverin's stock and we get the line "That's Life in the NFL." That's when it was solidified as a Sorkin movie. It was either going to be that line (sometimes substituting the NBA) or it was going to be a Gilbert & Sullivan reference. If there was one, I missed it.

If you any doubts about seeing the Facebook movie, let them be assuaged. It doesn't matter that it's Facebook. It could be about a really awesome blender. it's about greed, ego, betrayal, talking rally fast and cruelty to chickens.
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