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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



It is a rare thing indeed when favorite individuals from different fields of endeavor combine their skills to create a total - you know - thing.

While I find it difficult to narrow down my most admired writers to less than five, one of those five is - every time - Aaron Sorkin. With directors, I can probably get it down to two or three, and a constant there is going to be David Fincher. So, of course, I was pleased as a sucker punch when these two got together to make The Social Network. The only thing that could make it better is if Trent Reznor did the soundtrack. he's only done two in the past and they were both over a decade ago and both curated soundtracks - music supervisor type collections. (Those would be Natural Born Killers and Lost Highway).

So when it came to pass that Reznor and partner-in-crime Atticus Ross were actually going to score the flick, it was like watching a thing that doesn't happen often happen.

I'll review the flick here after I've seen it, but in the meantime, the soundtrack is out and it is a thing of beauty listened to on it's own without 24 frames of reference per second.

And because I like to distract myself in this fashion, I've remixed one of the tracks (titled "On We March") into something that sounds like it should be on the soundtrack to Three Kings II: The Legend of Clooney's Gold.

Because Reznor's a cool dude who knows how to harness the power of his fans, the internet and the open source ethos, he's got a remix site up where he offers the tracks to mess with and a venue to listen to the remixes made from them, rather than suing people who genuinely like his music. Click below to listen to my remix.

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