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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Tonight, I went to the Terriers premiere. T'was awesome.

, if you don't know, is the new FX series created by Ted Griffin (who wrote the Ocean's 11 (the good one) and executive produced by Shawn Ryan (he of The Shield). It goes a little something like this, imagine Jim Rockford split into two halves, a smart half and a dumb half and they undergo the adventures one might associate with unlicensed private detectives who live in a beach-town suburb of San Diego. That's Terriers in a clamshell.

Oh, and one of the Rockford-like halves (the brains of the operation) is Donal Logue. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

I began the night by getting in line for Catfish. I began my night by talking to the big man himself, Shawn Ryan, to thank him for inviting me.* We spoke very briefly, in which I told him of my efforts to try and get staffed on Ride-Along (his upcoming Chicago cop show), if not as writer, then as assistant. Neither effort, of course, worked, never managed to get past the network meeting. I mentioned being from Chicago (and was wearing my Addison/Wrigleyville "L" stop t-shirt) and that I was looking forward to the show. He failed to spontaneously hire me on the spot. Then he immediately walked down the red if to rub it in.

Checking in, I got my ticket and seat number and headed into the theatre, expecting to be placed as far from anyone of importance as possible. Instead, I was two or three rows in front of Ryan, Griffin and the rest of the producers (including Tim Minear, he who can write no wrong).

FX Prez John Landgraf spoke briefly beforehand, reading aloud from favorable reviews before introducing Ryan and Griffin. Griffin...was funnier. Which seems appropriate. The show is funnier fare than one would expect from something with the Ryan name on it, though the pilot was written by Griffin. And, in fact, Terriers is lighter than most of the current FX dramas. Not that it's a comedy, by any stretch. There's drugs, alcohol, a sex tape, a bad land deal and murder, but there's plenty of funny brought as well.

After, the screening I repaired to LaVida on Gower for the afterparty. There, I met, talked to or nearly spilled a drink on a third of the cast of The Shield, Lisa Bonet, Minear, John Ross Bowie from The Big Bang Theory, Jed Seidel (writer on Veronica Mars) and Donal Logue (who arrived after taping Jimmy Kimmel).

Logue was a gracious host, as he co-owns LaVida and when the subject of Chicago came up (which with me, it always does) he lit up. He'd just done an interview with Mancow that morning. And after he imparted words of encouragement with regards to my writing aspirations, I left him to go about looking damn good in all black.

*No, I'm not friends with Shawn Ryan, I just happened to follow him on twitter and he's an awesome guy.
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