Red Right Hand: BRAINSPACE
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Now returned to the country without incident...that made the news.

Here's where my head's at...

Recently met an actor and stuntman, friend of a friend. Showed him and the friend a unique location I have access to and thus a plot was hatched, utilizing said actor and stuntman. A short film or web series with said location and utilizing his unique skills of beatdown. More on that as it develops.

Current screenplay at 45 pages. Was doing ScriptFrenzy with it, but have decided to pause at the midpoint and reevaluate some parts of it before proceeding. It defeats the point of the project, but then I don't really need ScriptFrenzy to make me write things. Besides, I need to put some focus on staffing season right now.

First meeting of the staffing season is on the calendar.

Still waiting out the season before I dig into a Good Wife spec.

Breaking a new pilot. Taking my time with it, though. It's a tricky one.
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