Red Right Hand: EVIL IS AFOOT
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Principal photography has gotten underway. Logo is designed. Theme(s) being composed. Other stuff...has not been done yet. The virtual sets, for instance. Oh, yes. Weirdness is part and parcel of the plan. A plan that is sheer elegance in it's simpl-- Umm.

Anyway, reports from the set have things progressing very well. Loss of the light forced some rescheduling, but still, a lot was accomplished. And thanks to our expert crew of volunteers, including Dave. That was a nice surprise.

Still, certain other crew members are being sought for the latter part of the shoot. Particularly, anyone with experience in lighting with green screens. Contact me at the address in the right sidebar (or in the comments) and I'll put you through to our esteemed director.
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