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I received an email, the entirety of which will be reprinted below, with interjected commentary.

Let there be no question, Millennium is one of my favorite series...particularly the Morgan & Wong--showran(?) second season which transformed the show from serial killer of the week to a demon and angel themed conspiracy show. Then, the third year it became a whole other third thing.

In fact, the poster you see here hangs in my...officeish room.

The main point of the letter is to seek support for a fan-spearheaded effort to get a Millennium movie made. These things tend to strike me as a little delusional, but the involvement of the biggest names connected to the show earns a little respect and the more that I think about it, a Millennium flick just might be viable as a direct-to-DVD release, especially if it can be dual-marketed as just an awesome movie and also to the niche of Millennium fans. And maybe it shouldn't actually be called Millennium.

So it goes as thus:
Dear Michael,

Please forgive me for impeding upon your valuable time and allow me to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this letter.
Ha! He thinks my time is valuable.
I am writing to you on the behalf of a group of Millennium fans who have pooled their efforts into a campaign to raise awareness of the depth of feeling with regards to a potential Millennium Movie. We have created a website that we are currently publicizing to serve as a campaign hub for the letter writing campaign we have devised.
Oh, dear...I have a rather dim view of these fan-based campaigns. Sure, it got Star Trek a third season last century. Fan support got Serenity greenlit..well, DVD sales did. Occasionally they might be a factor in pushing a series that's close to death to go on for one more "retooled" season that is not what the fans wanted anyway. Or they result in lots of Subway sandwiches (Yeah, Chuck fans, you can't stop buying the sandwiches because the show got renewed, you have to keep eating BMTs until it's dead and gone.
We are proud to have secured the support of Frank Spotnitz and additionally delighted to have had the opportunity to interview Lance Henriksen, Kristen Cloke, Sarah Jane Redmond, Klea Scott, Trevor White, Doug Hutchison, Tobias Mehler, Tucker Smallwood, Frank Spotnitz, Stephen E. Miller, Juliet Landau and many more in written, audio and video format.
I suppose that's better than catching Henriksen at a convention and just getting a "sure, kid, whatever."
We are proud, thus far, to have been championed by the likes of award winning horror authors, John Muir and M. R. Sellars
Who, now?
...and we have been promoted in articles by such respected entities as Fangoria Magazine, Fangoria Radio (Live Interview with Lance Henriksen which focussed on our campaign) Black Magazine, SciFi Now Magazine, Rue Morgue Magazine, Zone Horror Satellite Channel, X-Files News, LA Times, Rue Morgue and countless podcasts, blogs, websites and social networking profiles.
OK, dude...why, for fuck's sake, would you bury the L.A. time near the end of a list of obscure genre mags and not lead with that?
We have recently assisted in the promotion of a book signing event featuring Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz and Matt Hurwitz which we worked with Palace Press Publishing and the LA Times to organise.
I would have liked to hear about that when it happened. I'm in goddamn L.A. and, y'know...I like Carter, so...
At present we are in the progress of working closely with Lance to explore the possibility of Convention appearances to maximize the potential of the campaign. Lance contributes to the campaign as much as he can and is exploring new ways with us to raise our credibility and further awareness of us as well our expand our podcast releases which have most recently had guest appearances from Frank Spotnitz, Mark Snow and Klea Scott.
OK, good. Except for Klea Scott having time for podcasts because she's not tied up making more Intelligence episodes. Dumb Canadian TV execs.

Sir we wondered if our campaign would be something you feel would be of interest to you readers. We have a large fanbase of supporters, many within the industry, and we would return any promotion of us and bring our supporters to the attention of your work also.
I'm nothing if not an attention whore here on the internet webulation system.
On behalf of all the team at may we extended our continued support and best wishes to you and our thanks for being part of something that means so much to so many people even today.

Yours sincerely,
Mark Benjamin Hayden - UK -
Publicist - Promotions - Public Relations
[phone number redacted]

So, there you have it. After looking at the website and reading through their FAQ, it seems to me the best options (and this group fully supports a return of the property in any form). Is for Fox to go either direct market or to do it as a web series. It doesn't really sound entirely like all the principals would want to do that, but...hey looks different and you know that even if you got everybody who ever watched the show but a ticket to a movie in advance, it's probably not enough for a theatrical release.
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