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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Over this last weekend, I attended a rehearsal for the upcoming run of Mastermind at the Eclectic Company Theatre this July 10-19 (tickets now available). I can assure you now, it's gonna rawk.

And here's the thing - I fully admit - I was not sure of it's rawkitude until last Saturday. I was hoping for the best, to be sure, but I handed over my script and it found it's way into the hands of a director. It could have been a crap director who decided to stage it full of absurdist symbolism, with Liz played by a man dressed as a giant opium-smoking hamster.*

Luckily, this is not the case. Susan Lee is directing and with actor Brad Wilcox have devised a version of the main character I had not previously imagined. Wilcox, who reminds me, in turns, of both a young Scott Bakula and a whatever-his-current-age Nathan Fillion. And this is appropriate, because if you dig the Firefly aesthetic, then you're gonna dig the look of this version of the titular super-villain.

It's a little scary handing over your work to be interpreted, but then if you're looking to make a career of out of scriptery, that's exactly what's gonna happen (unless you're all auteurish or something). It's fucking thrilling though when the results surprise you favorably.

As I said, tickets are now available:

Go the the Facebook page here, mark that you're attending...invite all your friends.

*Though, let's not be so hasty to write that idea off.
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