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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Mastermind was cast. And I was fortunate to have found two ridiculously talented actors who are up for the challenge of getting this production together in just under three weeks.

Keyword: was.

Then, the actress playing Liz had to back out a day later. And for a good reason. I'd have done it if I were her, so good luck to her with the thing in the place.

Fortunately she was able to determine her conflict quickly. I've asked her and my lead actor to see if they can't recommend someone right quick. Given the time frame for this production (date firmly set as April 18, the exact time is less firm right this minute), twitchyness is setting in.

The cool thing was that the actor and actress actually knew each other already. Considering the time crunch involved, that's a big plus for their ability to work with one another independently from organized rehearsals or meetings.

I'm hoping that I can keep that dynamic in place and keep in within their circle of actors. I am, however, still accepting applications for the role of Liz none the less, as I really need to get this role filled yesterday.

I am disappointed because the former Liz really nailed it. Like with a nail gun - nailed it. As did the lead actor.

Once the cast is set, I'll announce them here.

Coming soon: tech specs.
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