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Red Right Hand: PROPWRITER
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



If I can't write the shows, can I write the stuff in the shows?

I've always been a big fan of extreme detail in props. Going back to the Okudagrams in Star Trek: the Next Generation full of both detail that fits established continuity and easter eggs.

With the recent Battlestar Prop Auction, I elected to torture myself by perusing the auction catalog, being that there was no way in hell I had the scratch to get even a broken keyboard ripped out of a CIC console. Beyond items like Helo's dogtags, Racetrack's wings and Cain's "razor," on of my favorite props was this odd bit. From the fairly unimpressive episode "Black Market," the report of the investigation of Fisk's murder.

Some industrious prop dude decided to go all out and write a full five-page report that would likely never be visible enough to read. They could have gone all lorem ipsum on its ass, but no. And the coolest bit, was he (or she) had a sense of humor. It's for item number three in the listing of stuff found in Fisk's quarters that I really, really wanted this. Just not to the tune of $350. Make clicky on the pic and have a look.
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