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Red Right Hand: THE NEW DOCTOR WHO IS...
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



...Matt Smith.

...and whatever you think, you're probably wrong. Well, that's assuming you're thinking bad things. I knew a lot of people who found Doctor Who for the first time during Eccleston's season and couldn't fathom the thought of another Doctor. They eyed Tennant with suspicion. Until he actually became the Doctor, then he was the new favorite.

I now know just as many who became fans during the Tennant tenure. They going through a similar thing. Just as I did when I was a kid and my first Doctor regenerated. But each new Doctor is a wonderous thing. We'll always have favorites, but new Doctors can reach new parts of the character. I know of no other series that can do such a thing and anyone trying it now, would be ripping it off.

And Smith? Yeah, he's young. Very. The youngest Doctor yet. And the photos aren't very Doctorly, but he's not the Doctor yet. He's just the actor named to be the Doctor.

One can never imagine the next Doctor being as good as the current Doctor, and yes, Tennant is a hard act to follow, but until we actually see the new Doctor, being the Doctor, there's nothing to say one way or the other.

But with Moffat at the wheel, I'm none too worried.

While I admit to some initial know, instinctual dubiousness, once I saw this young man speak about being the Doctor, I can very much see the Doctor in him that Piers Wenger spoke of. I look forward to his first series, while I will also savor the remaining Tennant specials.

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