Red Right Hand: DEXTER: "Setting Son" - PAGE 29
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.


DEXTER: "Setting Son" - PAGE 29

  • Dexter proceeds directly to a countertop fridge. He opens it, revealing various blood samples, including some vials of cloudy, pinkish water. He takes it out and holds it up, examining it, until....
  • DEB (O.S.)
  • You okay, bro?
  • Dexter glances back at Deb. She’s leaning in the door way, arms folded.
  • Yeah, I’m..
  • (shakes it off)
  • I just get cranky when I oversleep.
  • DEXTER (V.O.)
  • Or when I haven’t killed and dismembered anyone since--
  • DEB
  • Well, knock it the fuck off.
  • Dexter leans back in his chair and starts absently swaying from side to side.
  • DEB
  • Tonight is stress relief night. You, me and Angel. Castillo’s. After work. You’re not there, and it’s like that time you took the head off my Malibu Stacy. You remember that, right?
  • Dexter nods, sheepishly. Deb backs out the door.
  • DEB
  • I can still take you.
  • She’s out. He rolls his eyes.
  • DEB (O.S.)
  • Better believe it.
  • She’s gone. Dexter turns around and leans forward on the counter. Looks at the sample. Wistful.
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