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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



The Shock-haired Sentinel is back!

Thrill to the latest adventure of THE AUSLANDER in Astonishing Adventures #3.

In this new tale, written by...some guy, the Amnesiac Austrian who wanders the wartime United States unraveling Nazi plans that come to him in his dreams finds himself racing against a team of German agents in New York's Diamond District. Who will get to the vital component of a super-advanced death ray first? Who will be the one to possess "The Yellow Star of Antwerp?"

Also, in this latest issue, the Mad Pulp Bastard himself joins the party. About damn time too. He turns up with "A Head For These Kinds of Things." Twisty and dangerous.

Astonishing Adventures is available as a FREE .pdf download from either the Astonishing Adventures site or any number of mirrors, but I only know of this one.

You can also read it online at Issuu.

Since it's free, you've got no damn excuse for downloading this cool pile of pulpitude and gettin' your pulp on.

And if you missed the previous adventures of THE AUSLANDER, you can download the first issue, featuring his debut in "Formula for Fatality" right here (Issuu version here) and the second issue, with "A Taste of Treachery" here (Issue version here). The second issue is also available at if you like your pulp more palpable...or pulpable. I'm told that the third issue will be there shortly. The first issue is available from Lulu.

The dudes running the show do this for the pure love of pulp fiction, so while it's not the slickest publication there is, and some typos sneak through, but then it IS free and it's just good solid fun.
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