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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



I'm sure you've all (and by you all, I mean me) been waiting for word from the esteemed Ithaca College and this weekend, a missive arrived by means of a mysterious courier in a blue/gray safari hat.

My script, "Ghosts That Smell Like New Car" took third place in the 2008 Rod Serling Short Feature Scriptwriting Competition. The awards will be formally announced at the Rod Serling Conference in New York at the end of the month. I wish I could go. It sounds interesting, but the hundred bones prize money doesn't really cover the expenses, so I'll spend it on a barrel of oil. (What? It's not enough! Gah!)

If you want to read it, I've uploaded a pdf for your perusing pleasure.

If you're a short feature filmmaker and want to try a stab at some inexpensive, Twilight Zoney sci-fi, I'm releasing the script under a Creative Commons license. Details in the link in the little thing below.

Creative Commons License

The short of it is you can do what you want with it, for free, for non-commercial purposes and my name has to go on it. It'd be nice if you let me know about it, too.

Thanks to Emily for reading the first version, which was written over about four hours and telling me to scrap all but the first three pages. And for reading the second version, which was written over the course of another couple of hours and not telling me to scrap stuff. In a good and just world, I might split the money with her. But this is not a good and just world.

I'll buy her a sandwich or something.
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