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Cuz' the right now ain't a lot a fun. More strikey stuff at United Hollywood.

It seems to me that AMC is effectively positioning itself as the next cable drama destination (assuming we still have TV, wow is that an apocalyptic outlook or what?). I'm going out on a limb with this, as only Mad Men has aired, but they're starting to look like FX did in 2002/03 with a season of The Shield having mad it's appearance on the scene, Nip/Tuck coming out and Rescue Me just over the horizon.

AMC's follow-up is Breaking Bad. I'm going to go ahead and assume this will rock because Vince Gilligan is the guy behind it. He wrote a delightfully odd flick called Wilder Napalm and he was on The X-Files for a good long while. From when it was at its best all the way on down. In fact, if you liked any episodes in the final two or three seasons of X-Files, there's a damn good chance it was his.

It's got Bryan Cranston (already more points in it's favor) as a high school chemistry teacher who, upon learning he has terminal lung cancer, stops living by the rules of society and, among other things, sets up a rolling meth lab to provide for his family.

I'm just wondering why AMC didn't push the hell out of this while there were still eyes on Mad Men (not a tremendous number, know).

Now if they wouldn't mind getting Warren Ellis' Dead Channel going, I'd be a happy camper.

And here's a little weekend weirdness. A brief concentration of the scribosphere when I was meeting one noted scribospherian at an obscure non-industry screening of an equally obscure (but good) documentary feature and just happened to run into another noted scribospherian.
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