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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Good news for the followers of my pulp character, The Auslander (all four of you).

The Amnesiac Austrian returns in "A Taste of Treachery" which can be found in the newest issue of Astonishing Adventures.

It's been a while since the last issue, but the wait was worth it. The layout is much improved and the print edition will be available on Amazon soon. The PDF version, however, is available right here (free). First issue here.
The man known as The Auslander awoke in an American hotel room one day in 1943 with shock white hair, an array of false IDs and no memory of who he was, save for what comes through in his dreams. Those fragments lead him to incidents of stateside Nazi sabotage as they are about to happen and to stop them. In the process, he discovers pieces of his past as a German spymaster.

His greatest fear is that his next mission will trigger the full return of his memory and with that the return of the monster he once was.

Until then, he can only answer the question of who he is in one way.

"Ich bin ein Auslander."
I intend to keep this up for as long as the good folks at Astonishing Adventures will have me (or as long as they can keep it up, being that they're a small operation in it purely for the love of pulp fiction). Hopefully, by then, I'll have enough to publish them all in a book through some on-demand service. It'll look cool on my bookshelf. And it'll be a real collector's item, because there will probably only be two or three in existence.
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