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Red Right Hand: 96 HOURS
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Not a bad 96 hours. In some respects, a working holiday.

The Mad Men spec is finally done (for now) having essentially written the final act over the beginning of the mini-vacation. It hasn't been easy, striking the right balances, playing the unique game and push and nudge that Weiner plays with Don. Sometimes I feel like I've nudged him too hard and try to pull back, wondering if I've pulled back too far. It's a unique beast that show, from its act structure (the only one like that I know of) to just the whole tone. Very different from the stuff I usually find myself spec'ing, but there's nothing better than coming out of the other end of a challenge with a sense that you rose to meet it.

And I really have to give mad propz (as the young people say) to Jill Golick for her couple of posts about Mad Men, it kept me on track. I also have to give the mad propz to Wiener himself. it's not often I have the creator of a show give me a hand with my spec script. He got me a copy of a show script and it was indeed helpful.

Now to get a little feedback on it.

Additionally, wrote a piece of Area Three. Area Three is going to be my venture into filmmaking. A series of short films (though I'm not much on that as a classification, they're really episodes.) It may sound daunting, but it's deceptive. It's really not as huge an undertaking for reasons mostly related to it's being devised based entirely on available resources. It's going to be some work though. The hardest part is the writing though, especially as I head into these next few episodes which stand alone, as they all do, but connect as well.

I have a target of six episodes. The second having been written this weekend.

While casting is still a bit off, save for my lead role, I did wind up tentatively casting the open role in the first script (probably the third episode). Attending a friend's birthday at The Edison over the weekend (all work and no play makes Jack an axe-wielding maniac), I met an actress. Someone you might even have heard of (especially if you travel in geeky circles) and she expressed interest in appearing. Revelations when more appropriate...or upon the breaking of the first seal.

We were having a conversation about computers and video editing software (she too likes to have fun with the cameras) and as I'm prepping my brain for some Final Cut Pro usage, we got onto the topic of Area Three and lo, a volunteer. It just so happened that the first written episode has a role perfectly suited for her
I am pleased.

And if you've never been to The Edison, it's just awesome. All turn-of-the-century steampunky. The place, in fact, used to be an old power plant. It attracts a nice crowd and we all had a good time. And I'm not really even a club-going-type. If you're into expensive drinks and little black dresses as far as the eye can see and think Tesla was robbed, then head on down.

And Battlestar Galactica: Razor aired, and with it, the traditional podcast, which this time comes in the form of a writer's meeting. Ron Moore did this before with a breaking of a chunk of season two. If you entertain any notions of writing for TV and you don't listen to these, you are, quite simply, stupid. I'm not even going to bury it in a clever euphemism for being dumb. It's just out and out stooopit!
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