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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



SPOILERS for Veronica Mars: "Mars, Bars"

It was unexpected and meaningless.

Which is why it was so good. Not everybody gets to go out in a blaze of glory and redemption. He was a cop and sometimes bad things happen to cops (and he was an asshole as well, so there's that too...I knew there was something more to that exchange between him and Wallace that called back to the pilot). You wouldn't do it to Keith or even to Weevil, but you can do it to Lamb.

While it was unexpected, it didn't hit me with the call from the county commissioner and the words "Sheriff Lamb's dead." It hit me with the words "I smell bread" some ten or so minutes prior. It was sealed right there. His fate was sealed like...with a...heat sealer...or something.

Lying on the floor, waiting for an ambulance, all Lamb could say was "I smell bread."

In the May 4, 1981 episode of M*A*S*H ("The Life You Save"), Charles has a near-death experience and becomes obsessed with the afterlife. As a solider he cannot save lays dying on his cot, Charles asks him what he sees. He has to know. The solider only responds "I smell bread."

It seems this episode has found it's way into the subculture of sermons. You know that pastors, preachers and priests circulate their little homilies and ideas and what-not. Just like you know that they're not so clever as to actually come up with all those clever things on the signs out front. Think about it, remember in the dark ages (pre-internet) they weren't always so clever.

Anyway, it's got to do with bread and wine and communion and that Jesus dude.

Here's an example.

So, I guess Don was kinda of a religious guy. Or, at least, he became one right quick.
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