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Red Right Hand: ONE PAGE 2006
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



A year ago (more or less exactly), I put a challenge to the screenwriters out on the intertron netulator. Many of them picked up the challenge and ran with it. A few said they would, but didn't (you know who you are).

Guess what? It's time again. Put up one page of original material and that includes you spec TV writers. Give us a page from your House or Without A Trace. To that end, I've gone with a page from a spec for The Unit. Preferably post something you've written in the last 365 days, but are we gonna know?

Let us see what it is you write. One page, no set-up or explanations. It doesn't necessarily even have to make sense out of context. One page won't hurt you. No one's gonna be able to steal your work from one page. Do it (then leave a comment here so we know you did it).

And you pros out there, I understand there are issues with you posting a page of stuff, but maybe you could give us a page of an old spec that got you a staff job (I'm looking at you, Jane) or some screenplay that went nowhere and you've shoved it away never to be seen again.

Feel free to do more than a page if you like.

I'm using a .jpg screenshot right out of my word processor, but John August has a CSS template for this same purpose if you'd care to go that route.
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