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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Tuesday continues to hurt by the sheer magnitude of stuff to watch. Minimum seven hours to start, and that's not taking FX into account. I don't even have the time to consider Friday Night Lights or Kidnapped . I'll catch them in reruns if they're still around after eight weeks.

Here begins one of the series I'm most interested in.

Originally titled Primary, now retitled the more thematic Standoff. I'm only familiar with creator Craig Silverstein through his work on The Inside, but I dug that show, so no problems there.

It follows the premise of crisis negotiators (Ron Livingston and Rosemarie DeWitt) who work together and are struggling with their burgeoning attraction to one another. They need to watch out for the Moonlighting problem, but I think a good first season is well within the realm of possibility. I know there were several "negotiator dramas" in development ("Talk to Me" by Paul Guyot for one), but this was the one I thought had the best chance to stick (largely because it's probably the least realistic one of the lot).

When The Future Cruise Ship Entertainers Show comes back midseason, Standoff will move to Monday and lead-in 24.

House is House. What can you say? The Unit, as expected remains on duty and the spec'ing proceeds apace.

Smith joins the CBS line-up with a premise that sounds a lot like two extrememly disappointing series that have aired in the last few weeks, Heist and Thief. If Smith doesn't click, this genre should be mothballed for a while in primetime. Only Hu$tle has managed to get it right. Great cast though, and it looks violent. I like violent.

I don't usually get excited by sitcoms in advance (usually i just give 'em a spin and once in a great while, I find an Earl or Scrubs), but for Tina Fey...I am all over 30 Rock.

And, Let's Rob... What? A another heist show? Oh, a heist comedy. Donal Logue. Hmmm.

All this and the seemingly perfect double-header, Gilmore Girls/Veronica Mars, though tainted by the lack of Amy Sherman-Palladino on GG next year.
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