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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Duncan Kane speaks with Clarence Weidman and much is said.

Rob Thomas is, without a doubt, a master storyteller (and credit to co-teleplay writer and recent Neptune grad John Enbom). Seriously.

After decompressing from one of the best season finales I have had the pleasure of seeing in a long while, it is clear that this man knows how to craft a mind-crushing tale in a manner such that he can be compared to Abrams M1A1 tank and your brain can be compared to...well, your brain.

Not only were myriad plot threads wrapped up in the space of a single episode, Thomas didn't even need the whole thing to do it, as we were treated to a "what if" dream sequence and Veronica's "little umbrella" moment (in appropriate VM style), if I may partake in the all-too-cliche comparison to Buffy. Most of it seemed to come through in one flash of coherence. To quote the guy what tried set up VM for ripping off the spring carnival, well..I think he says it best.

I so look forward to the next season that I am certain will be announced in upfronts next week, and not just because a couple of new threads were tugged in "Not Pictured" if you know what I mean.

Next time someone asks me what show I'd want to write for, if I could have my pick, there's no thought involved. I'll be saying it so fast it'll come out Vrokamrz.

And Aaron Echolls in a Great Escape rip, that was just cool in itself.
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