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Red Right Hand: SLAMMED - UPDATED 1/7
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



I just got slammed.

I have made the semi-finals cut for the Slamdance Teleplay Competition, sponsored by Fox21 (which is something like Fox Searchlight for television and not a local Fox affiliate somewhere).

It seems I'm one of twenty semi-finalists from a field of something like five hundred. That will be pared down to three finalists and then finally a winner.

Alas, not so lucky this time. Congratulations to the three finalists.
I had a great conversation with the head of Fox21, Jane Francis, who had a clear memory of my script and gave me some advice on what I might want to do with it as far as a rewrite and has graciously offered to read KvQ 2.0 when it's done.

I spoke with several other Fox21 executives there, all of whom have indicated that their doors are open to me (as they have done with the seimfinalists from last years competition, a couple of whom were also in attendance). So overall, a very good experience and I thank Slamdance and Fox21 for the opportunity.
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