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Red Right Hand: THERE...ARE...FOUR...LIGHTS!
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



I love immersive, viral marketing. Joss Whedon and Universal are releasing these little bits of River Tam's interviews/interrogations/breaking by the Alliance into the wild and they are great fun and lead into the feature film Serenity. Click the pic for a central clearinghouse of found clips.

Serenity, for those just not paying attention, is a sequel to the best written sci-fi show in the last ten years, Firefly (squeaking in ahead of Battlestar Galactica).

And after all the obvious reasons to be...displeased about Firefly's abrupt cancellation, there was that I never got to spec it.

Also notable, to me at least, was that one of the show's staff writers (Cheryl Cain) was a fellow Carl Sautter winner.

And as far interrogational fun, try this little-seen Alan Rickman film, ClosetLand. Bloody fantastic until the last ten minutes, but worth the effort.
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