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Red Right Hand: EYE OF THE STORM
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



And thus another WizardWorld: Chicago is but a dim memory. This was the down year of the typical up/down nature of these things, but as down years go, it was pretty good, and enjoyment was had by all, if they hung out with fun folks and I was fortunate enough to be able to do that this year. Anger was had by others, largely because Wizard is an unethical behemoth.

I got this nifty portrait by young Mister Art Baltazar.

I found this mini comic by Kevin Cannon (a 24 hour comic). High quality, this is.

Met Javier Grillo-Marxuach (see sidebar). He took my picture. I suppose had I not been in an only marginally functional state, I might have done the same.

Smith & Wollensky's appears to have quickly cemented itself as a Saturday night tradition as I and several confederates, some of whom have links in yon sidebar, hit the CTA and headed out for steaks and pork shanks as big your head. And after years of shelling out cash for DC Comics, they returned the favor and picked up the check. Their card is mighty.

There was late-night hotel lobby pictionary, with the eternal topic of movies. My synapses were severely misfiring at this point and I was utterly useless (moreso than usual). I was merely a spectator.

And perhaps a thing might come of this convention, but I'll not speak of it until something does happen.

For proper news coverage, check out CBR. My panel coverage is light, but then one of my assigned panels was total shite and another was devoid of anything resembling news, but Jonah, Seth, and Hannibal are fine upstanding folk who have done their best to serve and have many fine articles. Make with the clicky.

Now, to rest before the Lost junket.
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