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Red Right Hand: COME THIS FAR...
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Taking a cue from Ms. Benson, as I so often do, let us look back and look ahead at the same time, hopefully not necessitating a visit to a chiropractic professional.

• My book, The Auslander Files, was released by Pulp2.0 Press.
• This short film/web series pilot was funded, shot and released.
• Manager retained, so still repped.
• Agent acquired, so even more repped. Actually got to a point in the last few months where I had to turn down offers of representation.
• Was a bit light on meetings this last year, but they were really good ones. Already looking busy this year.
• Developing a script with a prodco, looking to attach talent soon. This one's taken a very strange path. Maybe I'll be able to tell the story at some point.
• Wrote an uber-low-budget webseries with ARG elements to be produced and directed by a cadre of independent crazy people in the coming year.
• Won the one-hour-pilot prize in the Final Draft Big Break contest. Got some goodies out of that.
• That script has been tearing things up, and so I expect it to serve me well going into staffing.
• And my car hit 100,000 a few days ago.

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