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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



This week's topic, the dispelling of myths in the screenwriting world, put forth by Emily Blake.

It goes as thus.

You write a script. You submit a script. The script is turned down (perhaps many times). You mourn the loss of the script You write the next script and do it all over again.

If you're the kind of person who doesn't mind their work being seen by no more people than can be fit comfortably on Flight 721 from LAX to YYZ, then fine. Keep doing that. There is another way. The myth I intend to dispel is that you need the studios and prodcos and stuff.

You don't.

Let me say up front, this is a thing I'm not especially good at, but I've given it a go once or twice. One attempt, we do not discuss. More recently, there was the webseries pilot for Zero Sight.

And there's something else, a daunting undertaking, in the works.

You don't need Hollywood to make stuff for you. You don't need their permission for anything. Make it your damn self. Get some friends. Beg, borrow or steal what you need (Have done two of those, and not the other. No, I will not be specific). Make something. It's never been easier. Technology has never been more accessible. And in YouTube, you have a built in distribution platform.

I'm not even gonna get into monetizing. I don't much care about monetizing. I care about eyes. I want people to look and to like. Self-promote, there's no shame in that anymore. That's all twitter and facebook is anyway, a billion people promoting themselves whether they've got reason to or not.

And the thing is, if you make something cool enough. It will be Hollywood that needs you.
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