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Red Right Hand: TIME CAPSULE
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



And now, the resumption of regular programming, as so organized by Shawna Benson. Wherein a group of film/TV writing blogs take weekly topics. Up first: Time Capsule (1. Recount your journey in screenwriting up to this point in time. 2. Where you are on your journey now. 3.It is one year from today. What has the past year of your journey been like?)  

I got a late start. If starting is the day you set foot in LA, because honestly, until you do that, you haven't started. It didn't stop me from getting momentarily hip-pocketed at a larger agency or from actually pitching story ideas to a trio of shows that shall not be named, but it was ten times harder doing it from Chicago.

In LA going on seven years. Still kind of the outsider, as my day job is firmly outside the industry. It goes up, it goes down. I have representation, but not yet staffed or pilot sold. A pilot I wrote a few months ago is netting meetings. My book (The Auslander Files, available now on was published by Pulp2.0 Press. Working on new pilot and new stories for the next volume of The Auslander while also preparing an indie webseries to go before the cameras shortly.

In most cases, a working TV writer is in the room barreling into their mid-season scripts and excited for their show's premiere any day now. I'm on a cable show and we're not on that cycle. We just wrapped about six weeks ago. As a lowly staff writer, I'm on contractual developmental lockdown and so my pitch season was largely non-existent, but if you stop writing, you die, so I'm working on a pilot and an Auslander prose story.

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