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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



This is what my work shares with crack: The first one is free.

The first one - Now playing on Stage 5 TV's YouTube channel, catch Zero Sight: Bad Call, a short film/webseries pilot written by me and directed by Liz Rizzo.
Also now available is The Auslander Files published by Pulp 2.0 Press 

A Nazi spy  awakens in a stateside hotel room, mysteriously robbed of his memories and his allegiance to the Führer. Now, he races against time, clued-in by his dreams and nightmares, to undo the vast conspiracy he planned before his memories return. He is known only as...The Auslander. Each two-fisted tale of intrigue and punching is written in the pulp style of the 1940s.

Eric Heisserer, screenwriter and director of the upcoming film Hours starring Paul Walker says “Sullivan delivers old-fashioned, pulpy adventure with an iconic hero who’s all action and no name.”

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