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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



The fine bastards at PULP 2.0 PRESS have seen fit to bring nine daring exploits of the Shock-Haired Stranger known only as The Auslander to bookshelves and e-readers everywhere. Thrill to the adventures of the Amnesiac Avenger as he foils acts of stateside sabotage in World War II while uncovering the dark secrets of his past and atoning for them.

The man with the black trenchcoat and the shock-white hair wasn’t entirely sure he was even in the right place and already he had deprived two men of some of their teeth.

The dive seemed familiar to him. It was the kind of place where old, spent men go to hasten their death and numb the pain at the same time. Of the three sad examples he found in the dump, he was sure that the wrinkled, smelly mess at the far end of the bar had achieved that goal. Rather than be conspicuous by having a look around without drinking, the stranger opted to order something. He spoke just one word.


 A subtle suggestion of a second syllable infiltrated the word in the vowel sound. It was enough for the 4F-rated barman, who clearly wanted to go kick Nazi butt overseas as a form of legalized murder, to think that it was said with a German accent. He wasn’t wrong in noticing it. He was only wrong in bringing it up. That barman and a me-too drunkard who was itching to punch something would soon be seeking immediate dental care, after they woke up.

The man with cadaverous qualities at bar’s end raised his head, looked at the black and white man and struggled to mumble some words. “Who the hell are you?”

He gave the only answer he ever gives. “Ich bin ein Auslander.”

“Oh.” And the man returned to his own personal undiscovered country.

Coming in 2013.
©2024 Michael Patrick Sullivan
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