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Red Right Hand: FIASCO!
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



If you haven't played Fiasco, you need to. If you're a writer and you haven't played Fiasco, you're doing it wrong.

In short Fiasco is a role-playing game that requires no gamemaster and practically no set-up. It results in a caper-adventure of the sort the Coen Brothers might hatch. All you need are some dice and an imagination (a lil' bit sick of one is better).

The funnest (yes, funnest) aspect of the game to me is that you can devise new details so that you can devise a tale of love and greed gone wrong in virtually any setting. I made a couple a while back. One is really weird and perhaps accessible only to a narrow and esoteric audience (if your interests include Warhol, Grace Jones, Brother Theodore, Richard Hell, Polaroids of television static and Max's Kansas City, lemme know - we'll set up a game).

This is the other one, "The Dark Side of The Moon - 2071." It's a tale of sex, death, smuggling and crappy employee relations on the moon, or rather it will be. Get Fiasco if you haven't already and take it for a spin.

And check out Wil Wheaton's Tabletop to see Fiasco in action.
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