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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Less updatey around here, but with good reason. I'm too busy writing to write.

Of late, I've really cracked down on what I'm doing with my time. I've left Call of Duty: Black Ops in a state of siege in 60's Viet Nam. My guitar has gone largely untouched (to the delight of anyone with auditory nerves). I had considered entering the Amanda Palmer remix contest, but no. It's only thanks to my admittedly bizarre work habit of having the TV on while I write that I've been able to keep up with programming both here and abroad (Anybody catch Dirk Gently on BBC? I liked it).

In the last sixty days, I've cranked out not one, but two specs (my array of specs was in need of refreshing - there done) as well as a script being referred to as Secret Project #0, which came out to about 60 pages in itself. In addition, there was some notes work on a recent pilot (and there will be notes work on the specs).

After about 200 in pages in two months, one would think I might give myself permission to return to 20th Century Southeast Asia and do bad, bad things in the name of America or something, but no. I'm already thinking about yet another pilot script. Or, rather than give myself permission to do something recreational, maybe I would take some time and develop a feature script idea I have that is very probably unsellable. Or writing up my Doctor Who spec...for fun, since it has no usefulness whatsoever. That makes it fan fiction. That's what keeps me from blowing any time on that.

I think I'll go curling, read some of this season's picked up pilots and then get back to work, probably on a project that requires knowledge of the latest fashions in ladies' footwear, military drones, and event planning.
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