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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



I have an internet friend. Big surprise there, eh?

His name is David Anaxagoras and he is curious about workspaces. And at his blog, he ruminates ever so briefly on the phenomenon of writers who like to see the workspaces of other writers. There is, as, Mr. Anax points out, a whole photo-series about writers’ rooms over at The Guardian.

After waxing anaxagorical, he posts a request. Show him your virtual workspace, i.e. the ubiquitous desktop on your desktop (or laptop). I've posted mine right here. Click the pic for embiggenation.

I must say, I too am intrigued by other people's workspaces, and I'll go one further. Show me your actual workspace. If you dare.

Be it a Starbucks, your office at the studio, an actual room in your home or perhaps a gap between two buildings in WeHo where there's a garbage bag that fits you like a bean bag chair, show me.

Just pop a pic up on the Flickr or wherever, or send it to me, I can put it up on my server (or not, if you're not feeling that exhibitionistic).
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