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From the unofficial San Diego Comic Con Blog.

Although many attendees completely forget it exists, CCIFF is an awesome place to see independently produced movies that involve scifi, fantasy, and overall geekery. True, it’s difficult to find the rooms in which a film you want to see is showing. It’s also true that many of these films are bland, boring, and just plain bad. You shouldn’t avoid the festival completely though, as every year there are a batch of films that defy the odds and are really, really good.

So how do you find them? Look through the schedule here and see what catches your fancy. Any interesting plots you want to hear more about? Go see it! You don’t have to stay for the whole thing and you might just stumble upon an awesome little flick. I recently interviewed Michael Patrick Sullivan and Susan Lee about there opening-night film Mastermind. Michael expressed that the films in the festival, including his own, are filled with passion and creativity that people don’t see in many bigger productions. Both also stated how attendees are able to discover and champion new genre films instead of becoming a fan of whatever is hot. I urge anyone to take a look at the schedule and see if anything captures their interest.

Mastermind screens at 9:45 PM, July 22 in Marriott Hall 2 at Comic Con.

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