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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



The official schedules are out and San Diego Comic Con will soon be upon us. Here's the latest information.

Mastermind is still 9:45 in Marriott Hall 2 on Thursday night of the Con.

Comic-Con has this new handy Scheduler thingy that let's you make your own personalized schedule quickly and easily, you can share and compare with your friends and even schedule meet ups. It's ridiculously easy to do it. If you've already done so, make sure you've got Mastermind on your Sched* (that's what they call it - Sched*). You can add it just by CLICKING HERE. As of this writing, we're leading the films with the most attendees intending to...attend.

There's also a Q and A panel along with the screening wherein you can ask any one of us just waht the hell we were thinking. It's going to be me, Director Susan Lee, Actors Brad Wilcox and Beth Ricketson and Carlos Jackson, the DP.

I'm told there may be swag. The swag may be ticking and smell of Semtex, but it's still swag.
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