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Red Right Hand: FOX 2010-11
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.


FOX 2010-11

There's one show here for me. It speaks to me personally and it was probably my favorite script of pilot season and I was joyed to no end that it got picked up.

Ride Along may, at first glance, be a cop show, but it's not. It's a Chicago show. It's about the Windy City and the cops are the vehicles to explore it like no other show has. And with Shawn Ryan behind it, himself an Illinois boy, you know the writing and production quality is going to be there. The Shield always had a verisimilitude about the seedy bits of LA, especially since they shot it there and Ride Along's Chicago will surely be the same way (unlike, say, The Good Wife's).

Once this show gets underway, head down to Buena Park, grab some Portillo's (so worth the trip) and get my Ride Along on.
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