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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



There have been rumors for some time now that Neil Gaiman might write an episode of Doctor Who. It has not yet come to pass, but at UCLA last night, Gaiman reiterated yet again that he would absolutely favor such an undertaking. It seems to just be a matter of Moffat ringing him up and asking.

Neil would be an excellent match for the show and this got me thinking. Who might I like to see write what, drawing upon authors who are not television writers. (Gaiman having only written one Babylon 5 previously and his own BBC miniseries over a decade ago). This being along the same lines as when William Gibson and Stephen King both wrote eps of The X-Files. Not that any of these people need the work. I do, though.

  • Fringe - Grant Morrison - Morrison could use Fringe to actually melt brains. If Walter were half as mad as one of Morrison's throw away lines, this series would have to move to FX. The guy's got experience with alternative realities. Some of it, first-hand...according to him. That's how mad it gets.
  • Leverage - Penn Jilette and/or Teller - A show about a bunch con folk. Seems like a no brainer.If you ever seen their stage show (not their network specials) then just imagine their showmanship, set up, misdirection and payoff, infused with their sense of humor guiding the narrrative of Ford and the gang for 41 minutes. And with their Bullshit background, they'd have a great target worthy of gettin' took.
  • House - Chuck Palahniuk - I would just have to see what Chuck would do with Greg. It would probably be a little better back on the Vicodin, though. Plus, just thinking about his short "Guts" suggest that his medical part of the episode would both enthralling and repulsive at once.
  • Human Target - Peter Milligan - He is the only one who really got the character and concept right. Let me repeat that...the ONLY one. And that is accurate as of last Wednesday. Psycho-thriller city.
  • Burn Notice - Greg Rucka - While I wouldn't call Burn Notice the most realistic show about the stuff it's about, but it's got some verisimilitude going. Rucka has written some of the most realistic (from where I stand) espionage stuff, so the spy tips he'd put in Weston's mouth would surely rock.
  • Warehouse 13 - Jasper Fforde - Fforde's got this shtick where he blurs the line between literary fiction and reality (as it exists in his books). So I'm sure that he'd find a very unique edition of some famous tome that resides in a the (public domain) fiction section of the warehouse and it would do some, you know, line blurring.
Who do you want to see write what?
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