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Red Right Hand: GEEK THEORY #4: LOST (AGAIN)
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



In the last few episodes of Lost, there has been much made of people being candidates. Candidates for what is uncertain - essentially to take over for Jacob...whatever Jacob is exactly.

Twice now, names of candidates have been found paired with numbers. Most significantly, the Oceanic Six (minus Kate and plus Locke) matched with the infamous numbers. In the cave in "The Substitute" and in the Lighthouse in...well, "The Lighthouse", Kate's number is the insignificant 5 and she is crossed out. This is consistent with Mikhail telling her that she is not on "the list" in the episode "Par Avion." A list made a by a great man who brought people to the island and who is not Ben. It's reasonable that Mikhail was speaking of Jacob.

Now, number 42 is listed as simply Kwon. Jacob's opponent (a.k.a. Smokey) in the form of Locke told Sawyer he did not know if that referred to Sun or Jin when he showed Sawyer the names in the cave. The number remains listed the same at the lighthouse. Just Kwon.

My theory is that Kwon refers to neither Sun nor Jin but to their offspring. The child of theirs that was conceived on the island. That in itself would make the child particularly special and connected to the island more than anyone else. Ultimately, I expect that 42 will be last remaining name and the final successor to Jacob. The problem of course, being that Sun did not being the baby back to the island. Locke's instructions (and Ben's) was to get everyone back and that's not what happened. So, big trouble with that down the road.

Also, and I'm fuzzy on the how (besides that time travel is surely involved, as Hurley himself hypothesized in "Lighthouse"), but I think Adam and Even are Sun and Jin. Their connection to the island will be augmented by their kid's connection...and we might even wind up meeting an adult version, though the magic of time travel. In fact, it's possible that the three of them are linked in terms of time travel and that when a future Lil' Kwon is pulled back say, 40 years, that it also pushes the Kwons back another forty years...they all have to move the same period. Jack theorized that the bodies had been decomposing there for about forty years way back in "White Rabbit." No established basis for that, though.

Now, let's wait and see how wrong I am.

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