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Red Right Hand: DOLL HOUSE
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



My television on DVD collection is...large. I don't truck with this downloadable stuff. I like objects. I like admiring my wall of bookshelves full of my TV-DVDs. Besides, in the event of a "electromagnetic event," or clumsiness, all your iTunes TV shows are gone. I'll just grab another 29 dollar player and keep truckin'. None of this, however, is the point.

On my shelves, I like to augment the visual of my collection with, well...dolls. For instance, on my Chris Carter shelf, I have a 12" Frank Black. On the Doctor Who shelf, there's a 12" Tenth Doctor. On the Star Trek shelf, an 8" Kirk by Mego. I've been wanting to expand this practice beyond the typical genre shows. There's a 12" Jack Bauer, but it's like 170 bones. The top of my wish-they-would-make list has been Greg House, with a little cane and a tiny vicodin bottle.

Well, at this year's Toy Fair, it has been revealed that Triad Toys has gone and done just that. Except, if you click on the picture, it looks as though they've recast the role with one of the Fiennes brothers. I think that's Larry Fiennes. Godsdammit. That even worse than when Sideshow Toys made a Faith the Vampire Slayer and it came out looking like Faith's mom.

Failing House, I want a little Toby Ziegler, Veronica Mars or Omar Little.
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