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Red Right Hand: 2009: COMICS
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.


2009: COMICS

Continuing 2009 listiness. In no particular order...

Far Arden -Kevin Cannon
Far Arden is a pure brick of Kevin Cannon's voice. It's unfiltered assemblage in 24-hour-Comic-Day-like spurts reveals an adventure draped in such humor that is hilarious and extremely understated at the same time. Army Shanks is the best total jerk I've liked all print.

Captain Britain and MI-13 - Paul Cornell/Leonard Kirk
Alas, cancelled while in it's prime. Yet more proof that the phrase "the cream rises to the top" is scarcely true. It was the best comic you weren't reading. It's ideas were original and strange and it had the perfect mix of plot andkicksplosions . At least the doors were closed after storyline in which Dracula declares war on the UK was wrapped up. Also, the only mainstream company superhero group to feature a Muslim (that I can think of).

Green Lantern - Geoff Johns, et al

Stumptown - Greg Rucka/Matthew Southworth

Incognito - Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips
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