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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Consider these poorly thought out comparisons.

NOTE TO COMIC GEEKS: Well be using the classically remembered version of Superman, not Superman as he exactly is today, married to Lois and having had his origin retconned every five years for the last two and a half decades.

  • Baby Kal-El was rocketed from Krypton and his dead parents and landed in a rurual area and raised by the people that lived there. Baby Don Draper was raced from his dead parent to a rural area and raised by the people who live there.
  • Clark Kent lives has a secret identity. Don Draper has a secret identity.
  • Both have alliterative names.
  • Both are dishonest with their women.
  • Supes is weakened by Kryptonite and cannot see through lead. Don is weakened by drugs and cannot see past pussy.
  • Clark can leap tall buildings. Don does this:

And Jon Hamm would make a kick ass Superman.

And Warners, letting anyone other than Grant Morrison write the next movie is autofail. All-Star Superman is exhibit A. It's the only workable update of Superman into the modern world without having to jettison who and what Superman is in the process. Which is exactly what every director who's come in contact with the character in the last 15 years has said before fucking it up (either on film or thankfully before it got on film).
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