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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



Shooting has begun on the first season of the Matt Smith Doctor Who, as showrun by the ridiculously awesome Steven Moffat (who's take on Sherlock Holmes has now been greenlit by the Beeb for six eps).

With that, the first shot of Smith's look for The Doctor has leaked. The revealing a new Doctor's look has always been exciting for me, but this one is a bit of a throwback. He's looking just a little Troughtonish. Patrick Troughton, the second Doctor. While his look was always classified as hobo-like, Smith's has similar lines (see here) but more of an academic look. Fifties academic.

Also notable in the accompanying shot is that the TARDIS has had a makeover. It too is more of a throwback the same era. Note the apparent reappearance of the St. John's Ambulance badge on the door opposite the phone box. This goes back to the Hartnell era. I've got no problem with this. I do not, however, like the white trim on the windows. Overall, the TARDIS looks a little less realistic as a Police Box. It seems more like the TARDIS props used in the black and white era, which weren't always great and, of course, were designed for black and white.

So, I think I approve of the Doctor's new look and I'm looking forward to Smith's take on the character. Judging him by his own demeanor, I think it could be good. I'm not digging the TARDIS though. Regardless, looking forward to more Moffat.
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