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My first inspection of the venue last night. Checking out the technical specifications. Being that The Black Box is a black box, the tech specs are pretty minimal and there are certain things that I had in mind when I wrote Mastermind that probably aren't going to work out that well in this particular venue. Some changes are in order. Not so much to the text, but the visuals.

I'd conceived of the play as being primarily literal in its set, that is actual furniture on the stage. A real couch, a real table, etc. Complete black outs and a spot would change the scene. For this particular production, though, I may go more representational, using the venue's large black blocks, steps, etc.

There will be (well, 90% will be) another Mastermind staged by the end of the year. That one will be straight up literally as I envisioned it when I wrote it. No artsy elements, other than the darkening of the stage to evoke past locations.

Problem solving is ongoing, but I still like what I've got.

Some of this may not make complete sense without being familiar with the play. Guess you'll have to be there.

Ticket info should be forthcoming.

Mastermind is running as part of a festival of one-acts at The Black Box Theatre (12420 Santa Monica Blvd., West L.A., CA 90025-2522). April 18 at 8PM.
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