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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



What am I working on? What am I not working on. And I've scarcely had the time of late to work on any of that, but steps are being taken. Discipline will be imposed. The laws of temporal physics may even be violated. The secret eighth day of the week may be called upon. Blergsday.

In TV spec world, I've started on two specs just to get them rolling. Theoretically they are in a state where I can pick them up again when the time is right. Why is the time not quite right? Both a re new series, neither has been picked up for a second season, but I have high hopes for both. Leverage and Life on Mars. They've been placed in a holding pattern until I can be more certain that I wouldn't be pouring another 50 pages of brain squeezings just for the exercise of it.

There's the King Vs. Queen comic book project. It's been moving gradually along for a while, but it's soon to pick up the pace. I'd like to have it in some kind of shape by SDCC.

Foremost in the queue though is the one-act play. At least a dozen ideas had come and gone, then, when I'd all but forgotten about doing a one-act, I'd set about thinking up a feature script. Despite the fact that I don't really want to write a feature script, but maybe I should. But it's going to have to be an idea I just can't not write...and don't see as a story told in 13 to 22 hour segments over a period of five to seven years.

Well, I had an idea. One that was in the lead. It might still be a feature. A lot of things about it formed pretty quickly in my head when I devised it. The title. The logline, the tag line on the poster. I even instantly cast it. It's going to be a terrorism-themed thriller. It's about a twisted wrong kind of love and villainy.

Then I realized that that same kernel can work in a different context and a shrunk down plot. Instead of an al-Qaeda terrorist as the central character, why not a masked villain, I might have been inspired by Doctor Horrible, which I got on DVD the same week. I wanted to transpose it like that to free up my voice to be a little weirder, maybe grab a laugh or two, though I wouldn't characterise it as a comedy.

It's called I Am Mastermind. First draft should be done in about a week or two. Then it'll be subject to the slaughter (i.e notes). Then another draft or two, then I'll be looking for some boards to put it on.

What else?

I've got the next Auslander story for Astonishing Adventures ("My Hostage, My Hero," I love coming up with pulpy titles) worked out to about 90% in my head. Need to get that done by the end of the month.

Then I've been considering of my time management will allow me to attempt get involved in a certain publishing project getting underway beneath a mighty and pulpy hand.

And trying to get my CBR work back on track.

And there was this post.
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