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Red Right Hand: TV08: HOUSE: "Frozen"
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TV08: HOUSE: "Frozen"

It's that time. That end-of-the-year list time. And I'm fuckin' milkin' it. Instead of just a big list right here right now, I'm just gonna recognize an episode at a time until the end of the year...on my usual irregular schedule, though I'm gonna shoot for one every two days. These are simply my favorites, for whatever subjective reason I choose. First up...

I'm a sucker for anything Antarctic, so when Mira Sorvino shows up on the show as Cate Milton, a doctor station at Amundsen-Scott, I was already way into it. And leave it to House to make a show where the two main character talk to each other only over computer monitors interesting.

How interesting? My favorite part of the show is when House gives Milton a physical exam from 9000 miles away. Here, we get the closest thing to a date that House has without shelling out some cash. With the lights down low and the fire roaring, Greg very much intends to be entertained and aroused while doing his job at the same time. But Cate's onto him. She knows him, and then proves it when she uses what she can see through the webcam of his apartment to diagnose him psychologically as he diagnoses her physically.

In five years of the show now, this is finally the closest we've gotten to the doctor getting involved with the patient episode that is standard fare on any number of lesser medical shows, and here, it's delightfully twisted, not just by being over an Internet connection. She's got all of his skills in observing and making conclusions about people, without the misanthropy. She, to a certain degree, is House, but nice...and hawt. She's also a safe bet for House. She's inaccessible, so there's no uncertainty. He knows how it'll end. Well, sort of. He gets to maintain his cynicism in the face of something more than just lust.

It's perhaps his own interest in her that allows him to see the interest that the base mechanic has in her that allows him convince him to drink her urine as part of a diagnosis and drill her skull as part of the treatment.

That's the other cool part of this episode, it is replete with MacGyver-like medicine.

It was solidly paced, it proceeded logically without any sudden realizations that come from either now where or from random non-story related occurrences. Everything fit together like a perfect little medical jigsaw. Just like last year's "Half Wit," an episode that makes me wish I'd written it as a killer spec.
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