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*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



A break in the TV08 list.

The Auslander! He is returned!

The latest issue of Astonishing Adventures has been released and with it, yet another adventure of the Amnesiac Avenger, the Auslander. Fighting the Nazi scourge in the Western Hemisphere during those deadly days of WWII. Amazon hardcopy edition available soon. This issue also features the Mad Pulp Bastard himself, Bill Cunningham.

Fortunately for the foreigner with the shock white hair, the engine room of a freighter is scarcely short on weapons. His grease-covered opponent, who he mentally named Gunter, did as much damage to the white-haired man in being hit as he did in hitting, and the black-clad stranger resorted to whatever was at hand. Built like the hull of the ship they were both aboard, it meant nothing that when the gigantic wrench the black and white man wielded seemed to clang as though metal had struck metal when it made contact with gigantic alleged mechanic.

He didn’t feel the reverberation of the impact travel up his arm. He was still suppressing the inordinate amount of pain he’d sustained fighting the beast. What he felt was the splat of Gunter’s Nazi blood on his neck and collar. What he heard was the dull thud of the monstrous German saboteur as he hit the deck, followed by a gurgling noise that he interpreted as a familiar question. One he has heard time and again. “Who are you?”

His answer came, drenched in an accent familiar to Gunter. It was the same shade of Austrian as his own. And it was the same answer the shock-haired man gave every time it was asked. It was the only answer he had.

“Ich ben ein Auslander.”
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