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Red Right Hand: SPEC SKED
*He is not a secret agent. Not at all.



So I just put my most recent pilot, The Black House, through the writers group ringer a couple of times and see the last revision in sight...more or less, and I've turned my eye toward a new spec as I make those changes.

I just don't know what yet.

But some telling schedule changes are informing my choices.

First off, I was looking at trashing my existing Pushing Daisies in favor of a new, better one. But, things aren't looking great for the show, unless there's a dramatic uptick in ratings now that the election is over. If that's not the case, it's kinda irritating, because this really seems to be the year where underperforming shows (good or bad) are being given their back nine orders. Most of them, not as good as Daisies.

So that option is on hold.

I've had a Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles loosely outlined for a while, but them it was on the brink of cancellation. With the axe in sight and pundits, wags and other whatevers-that-say-stuff pronouncing the end within mere minutes, Fox gave it the rest of it's season. It kept the loose outline alive. Then it was recently announced that at midseason it would be moved to Fridays (with Dollhouse). Fridays. Where Fox shows go to die. Bad news for Dollhouse too. What isn't bad news for Dollhouse these days?

Life was something I kinda wanted to spec. I dig the show, but it barely scraped by the first season and it was scheduled for Fridays this year. Doom, right? But then they moved it to Wednesday. A vote of confidence I'd think. And now, it has its full season order. It's moved up to the number two spot in things I'm likely to spec.

What's number one? One that it's way too early to spec, but I just don't care that much. Life on Mars. It's been seeing some increase in the ratings. Might be some post-election surge there. But, you know, I never really thought it was well matched with Ugly Betty and Grey's. Now comes news that it'll be moved to Wednesdays after Lost. That sounds like a much better match and it seems to me to be a step in the right direction for everyone. And a Pushing Daisies/Lost/Life on Mars night would be the awesome sauce and the first time I watch ABC from wall-to-wall in...ever.

There's also Chuck, but I just don't know how readable that might be...but it'll would be fun to write. It's on the list.

'course I really want to spec Doctor Who, but...
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