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I promise I'm not turning into a political blog, but...

I'm getting really tired of the the liberal media and various left-leaning entities (OMG. Channeled O'Reilly for a minute there, feel dirty) jumping all over this idea that McCain's camp didn't adequately vet Palin.

I look at this more - I dunno - strategically. So far, I've scarecely seen a thing that has popped up in Palin's supposedly unvetted record that doesn't serve a particular and occasionally admirably wiley purpose.

Pregnant daughter gets you undecided right-side progressives. Her censorship views gets help nail down the ultra conservatives who don't like McCain actually having a sense of humor and stuff. The investigation aspect means she gets to play the victim without being whiny about it. Republican base reads anti-polar bear as being pro-people. The base wants ANWR opened up, this is a non-starter. I'm also sure that her having a Down Syndrome child was even a selling-point in their backroom meetings. I don't put it past them.

She appeals to the RNC in her views and appeals to the right-leaning undecideds in being a hot chick. There is not a single thing about her doesn't scream "political choice."

She's vetted. She's too vetted.

Even if there were a Sarah Palin sex tape they didn't would probably only get a few more votes.

This troubles me because I think maybe we (tree-hugging, bleeding-heart liberals) have lost our teeth. We've spent a lot of time relying on Bush and buds to basically look stupid, say dumb things and contradict themselves to make our points for us. (i.e. Daily Show). And that's been working really well, hasn't it? McCain is a politician, yes, and can be counted on to say and do stupid things, but not with the same volume. We need to get back in it.

Now, also, we're getting all Hope-y. I look at my pro-Obama friends and colleagues and fellow internet entities and when I take a step back and look objectively at it, sometimes I'm thinking "could you step into the bleeding-heart liberal sterotype a little more?" In some other cases, I'd swear it's getting downright cult-like. I also see a lot of preaching the converted (in this case, the converted holding DNP cards). All of this sunshine and rainbow idealism, I see as being a turn off to the undecideds. That's who it's all about now. With Obama anywhere between 0 and 4 points up in polls, this is a neck-and-neck race and conversion is a pipe dream.

Screw Hope. Hope is what we have after the election. What I have is want.

This attacking the vetting stuff seems like it's just...naive. Hit harder, hit policy. Hit economics. And start finding ways to turn language against them they way they've turned liberal into a words I don't even like using anymore.
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